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Aquarium Sea Life Paris - Val d'Europe


Located just 5 minutes from Disneyland® Resort Paris in the heart of the Commercial Centre Val d'Europe, Aquarium SEA LIFE takes you on a magic and interactive journey into a fascinating marine world.


SEA LIFE is more than a centre with beautiful creatures to discover, it's a place full of educational animations all day long to learn more about the Marine Universe! Talks, feedings and workshops for whole family to participate.

During your visit, walk through 8 themed zones you will discover 350 species which represents over 5000 creatures in our aquarium. 

Live an extraordinary experience on our 360 degree tunnel surrounded by sharks

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Aquarium SEA LIFE Paris - Val d'Europe

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Discover the Aquarium Sea Life Paris situated at Val d'Europe, perfect for the shopping and only 5 minutes away of Disneyland Paris!

It's the perfect day out for the familly! Why not let mum go shopping at La Vallée Village whilst dad and the children entertain themselves at the Sea Life Aquarium

Inside the Aquarium you will discover over 350 species and about 5000 aquatic creatures, be ready to discover things you have never seen before!

Fun & educational for the kids as well as for adults, SEA LIFE Paris tries to present the most famous marine environments with great attention to detail. The Aquarium includes 19 different themed areas, where you can learn all about the species and their environment from the rock coasts to the deep ocean, and coral reefs to powerful rivers, the "Ocean plant" which will make its colourful inhabitants surprise you!

Fall in love with the creatures as you discover the deep oceans of our planet!

Fun, original, secretive or sociable, small or tall, let's start exploring marine biodiversity with a new point of view!

Interactive Discovery pool

Rock pools are a small and fabulous universe with tiny discrete creatures, such as Starfish, Sea anemones, Crabs and other small shellfish. Take part in a wonderfull experience by meeting and holding these animals and feeling their diferent textures! The Discovery Pool is open every day from 10.00 to 17.00. All the animals within the pool are safe to handle... and our experts are there to show you the best ways!

What you get to Experience:

  • Touch a starfish and tickle the tentacles of a sea anemone
  • Hold in your hands a real shark egg!
  • Try to open a strong mussel
  • Observe a crab
  • Discover funny facts about creatures from the beach


To give you an idea of the Aquarium residents, here is a quick list of a few of them :

Weedy Seadragons

Jalma is our female weedy seadragon. Seadragons like her usually live in the waters off Australia and New-Zealand. The main difference you can spot between the seahorse and the seadragon is that the second hasn’t got a prehensile tail. This calm and helpless animal is endangered today.

The Green Turtle

There are more than 7 species of marine turtles all over the world! All species are endangered and more than 250 000 turtles are killed each year, which sadly includes The Green Turtle. From Caribbean Sea to North Australia via African coasts and Indian beaches, the green turtle is a real globe trotter, with a life expectancy of 50 years, these turtles measure at a maximum 1,50m long for 200 kg.


With a flat rhomb shaped body, rays are very close sharks’ cousins. Like them they have a very rough skin with strong small scales and powerful teeth to break shells. Rays have 7 senses to identify their preys and their predators. Friendly and curious, they are waiting for you in the central area of the aquarium. As you observe them, if you manage to get the chance gently touch their backs to get a real sensatio of what they feel like! It’s amazing for both children and grown-ups.


For more than 200 million years, sharks have lived in the oceans of the whole world. This species of fish does not contain bones whiwh makes him very fast and therefore an excellent predator! Who is very important for the marine chain food. With more than 400 species, they are all different by their size, their shape, their color and their life habits.

The Common Octopus

In the great family of cephalopods, the octopus is the king. With eight tentacles, two hearts and a so powerful beak that it can destroy a crab shell! This amazing marine animal surprises us all still with its high intelligence. Discrete and shy, it can imitate its environment to catch its prey. The octopus is a territorial animal, it therefore doesn’t like to live with another one. At SEA LIFE to stimulate it, we try to organize games during its feeding: we hide pieces of shrimps in a bottle to let it open it, we shake objects to catch its attention, it's amazinf how much we can interact with it…. But we never forget that is a wild animal to protect.


ed-bellied Piranhas are found in the Amazon River. They are predominantly meat eaters with very sharp teeth and strong jaws for tearing through flesh. Despite their fearsome reputation Piranha attacks on humans are almost unheard and surprisingly enough, in the Amazon, they are a very important food source for native tribes.


Clownfish “Finding Nemo” are beautiful little fish. Take a peek at the main coral display and you’ll see them on the far right of the tank. They don’t like to stray too far from their home base – usually a sea anemone. They are also able to change sex, which the dominant male would normally do when (if) the female dies.

Black Tip Reef Shark

The blacktip reef shark inhabits the waters of the Indo-Pacific coral reef distributional area. Adults rarely exceed 2 meters in length and often live in groups. However, it is possible to find isolated examples: often it is the case of females about to give birth.

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