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Things to do in Tenerife


Tenerife is a beautiful island that can boast the best of many things. With fantastic weather, beautiful clear waters, an award winning water park of Siam Park a well as other equally good parks for you to enjoy. Beautiful Canarian gardens and lush vegetation mixed with a spectaculat dormant volcano make this island a fascinating place to visit.

To climb to the summit of the Teide, the highest in Spain at a height of 3,718 metres, is a unique experience. The fact that part of the route can be done by cable car allows anyone, no matter what there physical condition is to make the ascent. The more adventurous can ascend on foot by the path that leaves from the area of Montaña Blanca, next to the road. This is the only route allowed and is quite demanding which takes almost six hours of walking.
The cable car service, which runs every day if the weather conditions allow, reaches the area known as the Rambleta, at a height of 3,555 metres. The rest of the ascent, a little over 200 metres, must be made on foot. Access to the peak (along the Telesfero Bravo path) is restricted and you need to apply for a permit to reach the summit whether you are on foot or going by cable car.
Where else can you see 3000 parrots (the world's largest collection) all in one place? Loro Parque is home to 340 species of parrots along with other exotic animals, including tigers, gorillas and chimpanzees. Unless you object in principle to wild animals in captivity, the park is quite impressive. Don't miss the dolphin and whale shows, the subterranean aquarium with the world's longest submarine tunnel and the vast 'penguinarium'.

The south-west coast of Tenerife is a truly outstanding location for the observation of free-living whales as there are colonies of pilot whales and dolphins which remain here throughout the year. They live so close to the coast that Tenerife has become the most important place in Europe for the number of persons who carry out free-living-whale-watching.  
You can find up to twenty-one different species in these waters from the giant blue whale to the frightening killer whale. There are two resident populations, the pilot whale and the bottlenose dolphin, which can be observed on perhaps 80% of the days of the year, with a sighting percentage of close to 100%. 
An opportunity that you should not allow to slip through your fingers as there are few locations on Earth which offer this wide range at such a tiny distance from your hotel. Half a million people who visit our whales each year can’t be wrong. With great shows and fantastic nightlife, tenerife has something for everyone!

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